Medical Supply

Edycom Solutions is a significant player in the medical supply market and has a forefront of medical technology representing some of the most distinguished medical device companies in the world focusing on direct sales. Edycom Solutions devote most of its resources for representing up and coming med-techs offering unique, innovative solutions.

Our team’s managers, procurements, sales and pre sales mangers are worldwide known by theirs end to end solutions, providing a unique tailor made package for our global clients, with a committed focus on the client budget, our job quality and the client time schedule.


EDYCOM is designed to bring the knowledge, the experience, supply and tools from one continent to the other, from one country to the other and from region to region with the required adaptations the requested training and the necessary maintenance.

Edycom Solutions has earned the highest global reputation for our services for our willingness to work on every spot on the glob at the top for customer satisfaction and requirements. We strongly believe in partnership with our customers, and take in high consideration every project’s needs and specifications, regardless of location