Homeland Security

Edycom solutions developed and engaged with the main companies on the homeland security market. Edycom Solutions and its engaged partners bring comprehensive solutions, impressive achievements and immense capabilities to the Homeland Security market. This innovative range of solutions, which enhance the security of people and property as well as aircraft, airports, borders, infrastructures and installations, is the result of experience with the constant threat of terror attacks.

These leading edge systems, many of them based on systems developed for the Israel Defense Forces, include video, closed-circuit television (CCTV) and digital surveillance systems, sensors and access control networks to complement conventional fencing and burglar alarm packages. We have pioneered biometric technologies for ID verification, while computer and Internet security are guaranteed by encryption technologies that protect data transmission, e-commerce and m-commerce.

No many other partnerships has such a high percentage of former army, security forces and police officers with experience in combating terrorism who can act as consultants in developing security concepts and systems for each unique situation.

In defense against terrorist or criminal activity the first line of protection remains good fencing. Additional company is a veteran Israeli company in the field of perimeter fencing. The company’s computerized security systems automatically detect, locate and identify the nature of outdoor intrusions. The company’s offerings range from taut wire detection to active infrared photoelectric detection.


Together with our partners we have also led the way in adapting burglar alarms to the providing innovative security with remote management solutions to the residential and commercial markets. This trend of integrating detectors, sensors, wireless systems, CCTV cameras and remote monitoring so that intruders are not only detected but captured on film is characteristic of the products of many other developers and manufacturers of alarm systems.

Our teams are worldwide known by theirs end to end solutions, providing a unique tailor made package for our global clients, with a committed focus on the client budget, Our job quality and the client time schedule.