In-Building Solutions

Edycom Solutions teams are worldwide known by theirs end to end solutions, providing a unique tailor made package for our global clients, with a committed focus on the client budget, Our job quality and the client time schedule.

Edycom Solutions technologies and experience brings the network antennas and RF distribution network placed throughout the building to provide the whole indoor coverage.

Our systems and services are built among all for the followings:

  • Hospitality (hotels, resorts, conference centers)
  • Public venues (airports, stadiums, convention center)
  • Government and education (government offices, university campus)
  • Healthcare’s (medium/large hospitals)
  • Large tall buildings, underground parking, train stations etc…

Our systems and services are designed to improve the indoor coverage with highest performance and reliability. Edycom design addresses all the needs of current and future wireless communication generations, offering flexible solutions for every application.

  • Standard and custom designed point of interface (POI)
  • Standard and custom designed combiner matrices (2×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 etc…)
  • Filters/duplexer/filter combiners
  • Power splitters/combiners, couplers/tappers, attenuators and terminations
  • Indoor antennas
  • Jumper cables

The depth of knowledge and years of experience in both our crews and management team, as well as our commitment to work with our customers to complete projects on time and within budget, gives us greater flexibility, efficiency and control over our projects. For our customers, this translates into the best value for dollars spent.